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Science Cover ArticleScience, #1 Most Downloaded Article, October 2009Nature Methods "Method to Watch" for 2009. Research Highlights: NatureNature BiotechnologyNature Reviews GeneticsNature MethodsNature GeneticsCell ResearchNucleusFaculty of 1000F1000 Factor: 10.5. F1000 All-Time Top 10: Molecular BiologyF1000 All-Time Top 10: BioinformaticsF1000 All-Time Top 10: Biotechnology.

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*joint first authors

Left Image: "Verb size corresponds to usage frequency, so large verbs stay at the top, and small verbs fall to the bottom. 'Wed', the next irregular verb to go, is on the brink." Nature, Oct 11, 2007.

Middle Image: "First described by David Hilbert in 1891, the Hilbert curve is a one-dimensional fractal trajectory that densely fills higher-dimensional space without crossing itself. A new method for reconstructing the three-dimensional architecture of the human genome...reveals a polymer analog of Hilbert's curve at the megabase scale." Science, Oct 9, 2009.

Right Image: "Tens of thousands of books appear in this photograph of the interior of the sculpture Idiom, by Matej Krén. On page 176, Michel et al. describe an even larger collection: a 5.2-million-book corpus containing 4% of all books ever published. Statistical analysis of this corpus makes it possible to study cultural trends quantitatively." Science, Jan 14, 2011.